Giant Bubble Tube and Cube Sensory Room Bundle


Maximum Effect from a Giant 8" wide tube, simply Roll the Cube to change the colour within the tube! This super saving bundle is an interactive way to develop cause and effect and to develop colour recognition. Roll the 12" Foam Cube, and whatever colour is on the top side, the bubble tube will automatically turn that colour. Roll the cube and blue is on top, the tube turns blue, it's really that simple to operate. The colours in the tube will slowly cycle through 16 LED colours if not interacted with via the cube. The bubble tube operates on low voltage draw from a standard wall plug and the cube has a rechargeable battery (safely hidden behind a zipper). Add a Podium 9BCPD to sit on a secure the bubble column base. Or double up the images with our wood backed mirrors 9NMRS2 or Easy Up Mirrors 9NMRS.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: tube height 72" x 8" dia