Projector Effects Wheel, At The Farm

Our Ref #: 9NATF



Farm themes and learning modules are an incredibly important part of sensory-based learning, this sensory room projector is a fun way to dive deeper into a preschool theme to solidify learning. 

Layer Up your Sensory Room with the sounds, smells, textures, and fresh tastes from farm harvests. Enhance your puzzles and sensory bins with supportive images projected onto the walls.  

  • Fine Motor: Manipulating the materials and toys, cutting the hay, stacking toy hay bales, planting and harvesting the crops from the play dough, making animal foot prints in the play dough
  • Math: Sorting and counting animals
  • Science: Discussing animal behavior – how they act, what they eat, and the sounds they make
  • Oral Language: Sensory and small world play inspires lots of conversation. You might even want to incorporate a fun Farm Song!
  • Social Skills: Working together to plan the play, share toys, coordinate activities
  • Pretend Play: Small worlds naturally inspire the imagination

Whether you require distraction therapy, a de-escalation environment or to be used as part of a learning activity these interchangeable wheels are the answer.

This Limited Edition wheel of At The Farm Effect Wheel depicts colourful images of different animals on a farm in an illustrated form.