Balance Disc Air Cushion - Large - Air Cushion - Large (23 inch diameter)

Our Ref #: 8ACLG



Sit, stand or kneel on this textured disc-shaped air cushion, with 2 different tactile surfaces. The satisfying & comfy air filled disc encourages tactile and vestibular play for sensory breaks and activities. The balance disc is ideal for people that need movement and sensory stimulation while focusing on work. 

One side is perfectly smooth and the other side has gentle bumps. 
Fill with air to increase or decrease the difficulty and stability of the disc.
  • Help with poor attention
  • Improve core strength (which is very important for lots of developmental tasks from chewing food to handwriting), also promotes postural control
  • Increase length of time able to tolerate sitting
  • Develop a better sense of balance

Our bigger adults love the size of this disc for sitting on during floor activities. 
Satisfies the sensory need for movement.
The cushion is PVC FREE. 60cm dia

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 60 cm diam