Little Red Sensory Cart - Basic

Our Ref #: 9PCT1001



A Snappy Lil'Red cart to trolley all your Sensory Room Equipment. Mobile sensory cart that is compact and lightweight, easy to use.

Compact - 30" tall and 18" wide, easy to find- easy to move and store. Cute, durable, & very versatile...includes a secured SNAP projector and hospital grade power bar. Projector comes standard with wheels: 1 Flowing Liquid wheel, 1 Tropical Fish wheel, and 1 Family Pets wheel.

SNAP projectors are amazing: LED projections (never blow a bulb), magnetic wheels for easy switching of scenery, Speed control, Switch compatible, over 40 wheels to upgrade from. We have included a special rotator so that Little Red can use wheels from other suppliers!
The projector is securely mounted to this mobile cart.

Basic Price includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, and 3 wheels.
Also available in:
Standard Price includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, 3 wheels, 100 Fibre Optic tails, clear (use 9PCT1002 to order)
Deluxe Price Includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, 3 wheels, choice of Interactive Water Bubble Tube or  interactive Whirlwind Air Tube, 100 fibre optic tails - clear (use 9PCT100 or 9PCT100H to order)

You can enjoy the calming effects of the projector anywhere (walls, ceiling, floor, above treatment tables) and it's small enough to store in a closet. Includes a hospital grade power bar and  power cord. HDPE shelves, powder coated steel frame.
Load capacity 100 pounds.
Weight 26 pounds.
There are no porous surfaces or areas of potential absorption anywhere on the cart making it ideal for sterilization and disinfecting. the Little Red Cart can be safely decontaminated using less rigorous methods than those used on medical instruments and devices but will withstand the physical action of scrubbing with detergents and surfactants and rinsing with water.

Infection control can be further addressed by electing to purchase the Whirlwind (Air) or Frosted Rainbow Tube (illumination only)  tubes as opposed to Water-based bubble tubes.