School Ready Attention Kit

Our Ref #: 3CSAK



Fidget or sensory toys help with sensory integration, build motor skills, and teach self-regulation. They help maintain focus and help children who are on the autism spectrum, or with ADHD, ADD, and/or sensory processing disorder, better process information. For some children sensory fidgets can also be helpful in maintaining socially acceptable behaviors. A fidget toy provides an outlet for excess energy, making it easier for a child to control or reduce their impulsive reaching out and touching everything around them.
Each child is unique in their need for stimulation. Whether your child seeks visual or tactile stimulation or needs help with anxiety and stress, fidget toys have the power to help improve self-regulation, calm anxiety,  provide stress relief and make for a powerful positive behavior reinforcer.
for ages 6+       CHOKING HAZARD

The carry bag contains 10 of our most popular "fidget" toys.  Items will vary slightly based on availability.