Effects Wheel, Deep Ocean

Our Ref #: 9NDPW



The deep 6 inch effects wheel is a continuous image that depicts deep-sea diving in illustrated form. It is very popular in multi-sensory environments and is used with a mild distortion wheel to create a rippling underwater effect. Features bottom of the sea, including plant life with fish, buried treasure, divers, submersible craft, dolphins swimming above in a blue sea background.

This projector wheel includes scenes from deep down in the ocean: scuba divers, coral reefs, and fascinating fish.
Calming blue tones and large gentle sea creatures seem to swim past you.

The wheel is a projection accessory to any of these Sensory Room Projectors: Solar Projector (9NPRS), TFH SNAP Projector (9BRPJ), Aura Projector (9AUPJ), each sold separately on this website. 

A Wheel Rotator is included with the cost of all of our Projectors.