Folding Mirror Den & Play Mat

Our Ref #: 9MRDN



The Folding Mirror Den & Play Mat is the perfect portable sensory space. Five large, colourful, foam-filled panels with 3 removable coloured framed mirrors, and two plain ones join to make a house of fun mirrors, a triangular tepee, and a large folding play mat. 

The Mirrors are removable and allow you to extend the life of the product itself, you can add more items onto the product as well. Well made from robust, colourful, phthalate-free, fire retardant, and anti-bacterial fabrics are filled with a fire-retardant CFC-free foam specially selected for its firmness.

Visual Stimulation: The reflective surfaces of the mirrors provide visually engaging stimuli, encouraging children to explore and interact with their reflections. This visual stimulation can support the development of visual processing skills and enhance sensory experiences.
Self-Recognition: Children can observe themselves in the mirrors, promoting self-recognition and self-awareness. This can boost confidence and self-esteem as children become familiar with their appearances and movements.
Social Interaction: Mirror dens and play mats can facilitate social interaction and cooperative play. Children may enjoy playing games or engaging in imaginative play together while using mirrors, fostering communication skills and teamwork.
Sensory Exploration: The combination of mirrors and soft play mats provides opportunities for multi-sensory exploration. Children can touch and feel the texture of the mats while observing their reflections in the mirrors, stimulating their senses and promoting sensory integration.
Cognitive Development: Mirror play encourages cognitive development by allowing children to experiment with cause-and-effect relationships. They can observe how their movements and actions are reflected in the mirrors, helping them understand concepts such as symmetry and spatial awareness.
Emotional Expression: Mirror play can be a tool for emotional expression and regulation. Children may use the mirrors to explore and express different emotions through facial expressions and gestures, promoting emotional literacy and self-regulation skills.
Imagination and Creativity: Mirror dens and play mats can inspire imaginative play and creative expression. Children may use the mirrors as props in their pretend play scenarios, incorporating them into storytelling and role-playing activities.
Physical Development: The soft play mats provide a safe and comfortable surface for children to move and explore. They can practice crawling, rolling, and other gross motor skills while interacting with the mirrors, promoting physical development and coordination.
Quiet Reflection: Mirror dens can also offer children a quiet space for reflection and relaxation. They can retreat to the cozy environment of the den to observe their surroundings or take a moment to rest and recharge.

To EN71. Cigarette and match to BS7176 Contract Furnishing (Low Risk).

Create a soft, safe den anywhere you need one. Perfect for travel, or classrooms that share sensory items.

80cm (31.5")  cube