Cactus Chubes - Set of 2 - Moderate

Our Ref #: 3CGCC



Cactus Chubes Multifunctional Sensory Chews, Upgrade Your Sensory Experience With These Versatile Chews That Not Only Provide A Discreet And Functional Solution For Chewing On Hoodie Strings, But Also Stimulate The Senses

  • Wider hole to fit even the thickest of hoody strings
  • Texture –  making the awesome chubes now more appealing to tactile seekers
  • Versatile – slot it onto headphone wires, fingers, pens
  • Great to use as a pencil grip
  • Discreet & washable
  • Durable and firm
  • Multipurpose and adaptable as a wearable item of a handheld.

2 chubes in a pack, one on the cord and one spare. We even add in a spare cord so that you have an extra pendant if you wish!

Moderate Chew

For hygienic reasons, this item is not returnable.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 2 3/4 inches length, 3/4 inch diameter