Water Bubble Column, Calming Aquarium :- Size: 70" tall - Standard -70" tall, 6" dia

OUR REF #: 9BC175A

Disconnect from the outside world while you unwind and decrease tension though watching the mesmerizing effect of hundreds of bubbles drift steadily up the bubble tube. The soothing LED colours slowly changes from one calming colour to another. Ideal for relaxation or calming, this bubble tube could also be used for de-escalating people with dementia or other anxiety based behaviours. TFH Canada bubble tubes operates with the very latest LED technology to produce vibrant and pure colours that fade into one another but not out. Since out technology is leading edge and the lights are LED, there is no lamp or bulb to change making this tube almost maintenance free! Choose Height of 48” (1.2), 70"(1.75), 78” (2). For tubes 60 and over we recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 70" tall, 6" diameter