Sound Responsive Ceiling Light Dome

Our Ref #: 3SOLD



Encourage learning in a fun and engaging way with this sound responsive ceiling light dome, providing a fun, visual stimulus for users to ask questions and begin to develop basic ideas of cause and effect.
This sensory room equipment has a large size, creating an impression in its environment with the aim of engaging children to interact and discover what colours they can create by making different sounds.

In addition to being an effective educational auditory sensory tool, this dome also provides visual stimulation through lighting up with different colours and patterns and a relaxing focus for users to focus on and be used as a centre for calm.

The sound light dome can be used by one child or many so it’s perfect for installing in classrooms and other multi-sensory spaces used by groups, such as hospitals, day centres and respite centres.

Providing an opportunity for auditory input to develop listening skills, the sound light dome can be used to help children with mild hearing impairments to develop their understanding of sound.

As users develop an understanding of the type of sound that will result in certain colours, they are able to experiment with different ways of creating noises to achieve a desired result. This helps children to process and order information, aiding cognitive development, and cause and effect learning.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 24" square
  • Power: Transformer