Genie Interactive Receiver

Our Ref #: 9RGRX



The MSE Genie System is a versatile and innovative control system that enhances user independence through Bluetooth technology. 

Control through iPad or iPhone:
Users can control their environment using an iPad or iPhone by downloading the MSE Genie app from the App Store.

MSE Genie Receiver:
The Wireless Receiver accepts signals from the iPad app and other controllers within the MSE Genie System.

Versatile control options:
The system is not just a touch-screen colour controller; it offers a variety of options for users, including unlocking existing equipment, developing interactive storytelling, and allowing any controller to interact with any reward.

Interactive Rewards:
The system integrates with Interactive Rewards such as Bubble Columns, Hurricane Tubes, Bubble Walls, Bubble Tables, Fibre Optics, and Colour Wash.

MSE Controllers:
The system supports a full range of controllers including Buttons, Cubes, Pads, Sound, Joystick and Tilt, alongside the use of the MSE Genie app.
Users can adjust the sensitivity of the entire room with a single dial, providing a customized and adaptable experience.

The MSE Genie System is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for controlling and interacting with various equipment and rewards in an environment, offering a wide range of options for individuals with diverse needs.

MSE Genie Set Up Instructions
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