Soft Frame Sensory Mirror

Our Ref #: 6SNMP


Nine convex and concave distortion surfaces provide opportunities for visual skills and motor movement. A Funhouse style, curved mirror, is made from acrylic and gives the user a unique perspective. Watch reflections change shape and size as you move.
Short, round, long, tall, twisted, and double reflected images are all possible in your Sensory Room.

Turn your sensory play space into a visually changing exploration area with this soft framed mirror

In those who suffer from depression and anxiety, that protective brain activity is alerted too often, spotting trouble when there may be only minor concerns—or none at all - a distortion mirror shows the fun side of what you see. Check out how a flower looks, or your nose up close and far away, the perspective changes the image.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 84cm sq