Swing, Bolster and Glider Options


Start with the preferred therapeutic swings as invaluable tools for your clients and family. Long Pipe Bolster: 60"L x 7.5"W, Max weight 200 pounds (90 kg). Challenges vestibular system when sat astride, rider tries to maintain position and posture during movement. 200 lbs max weight

Vertical Bolster: 51"L x 10"W, Max weight 200 lbs.(90 kg) Encourage motor planning, bilateral skills and proprioceptive feedback when used as a swing. It can also be used to develop feedback and feed forward skills when swung between two people. The swing has a built-in rope length adjustment, thanks to which you can easily adjust the suspension height to the person exercising.

Half Pipe Bench: 60"L x 7.5"W, Max weight 200 pounds (90 kg). Hanging upside down from the half pipe bolster stimulates proprioception in the arms legs and core muscles; more challenging than the square bolster.

The Hard Bolster: A solid ride with no padding. A wider diameter requires additional arm and or leg compression/awareness. can be attached to two or four connection points on your swing frame. Includes adjustable length ropes. Weight limit of 180 lbs.
48" L x 14" dia

Square Flat Top Bolster:60"L x 7.5"W, Max weight 200 pounds (90 kg). It can be hung from two or four points and moved in smooth arcs, or gently rocked. Encourage social interaction and easily accommodate several clients during an activity.

Options to choose from:

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