Air Filled Wobble Cushion

Our Ref #: 8ACSM



Children and adults with the "wiggles" or restless energy can wiggle around on sensory seating like a textured inflated sensory cushion. It's an alternative style of seating or Active Seating for people with Autism and other sensory related needs.  An outlet for excess energy.

Sit, stand or kneel on this textured cushion, with 2 different tactile surfaces. 

One side is perfectly smooth and the other side has gentle bumps.

Provides a responsive surface for core muscle exercise. More air decreases the difficulty and less air increases the difficulty level. It also makes a great sitting surface. Improves posture, balance and strengthens the torso. 

Cushion is PVC FREE.
12" dia.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 12" diameter