Arctic Snow

Our Ref #: 5SNOW



Make Miracle Snow at any temperature in any climate! Makes up t 18 Litres of simulated snow to play in any time. Reusable. Just add water and watch it grow!

Get ready to watch the fastest snow on Earth! Just add water and watch in jaw dropping delight at how fast it grows! Make it in a bowl, in a hat, or in your hand! Miracle Snow expands as it absorbs water and forms life-like snow. It lasts for weeks without rehydrating. The largest tub we could find! Our 1 pound tub will make over 18 Litres of Miracle Snow! 

Miracle Snow makes over 9 cups of snow with only 3 cups of water! -You can fluff Miracle Snow with a spoon to make it expand even more! Miracle Snow can be used at parties, weddings, festivals, on parade floats and much more! Miracle Snow will grow even faster when you use warm water! -Miracle Snow can be reused and lasts 4 to 6 weeks!