1,000 Ball Pool Balls

Our Ref #: 8ROPB



Dive in, swish around, or lay still... many of our customers say that a ball pit is the best sensory component they ever bought!  We agree for so many sensory reasons! Yes, they tend to get tossed around the room, Toss them back in! Great for ball tents, inflatables, bounce houses, sport game accessories. The soothing texture of the balls provide full-body tactile input needed in sensory integration and processing disorder therapy assisting in a wide variety of disorders affecting sensory integration such as touch, movement and position.

1000 hollow plastic balls are BPA Free and slightly transparent. Ball Pool walls / floor are sold separate.
We recommend a minimum depth of 7 layers of balls per ball pool.
Contact office for colour selection choices. 905-492-9211

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 3" Diameter