Sound Spa Deluxe with Time

Our Ref #: 7ARSPD



Create a peaceful, calming space with white noise or relaxing sounds softly playing in the background. This sensory speaker is the perfect tool for sensory rooms.

This ambient noise sound machine provides choice from any of the 8 unique and different relaxation nature sounds to soothe you, and keep your phone nearby with the integrated smartphone holder. 

The 5 relaxation modes range from, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes of sound time, allowing for easy customization for your rest and sensory style. Time is displayed through the digital FM clock radio with LCD display and time projection that shows up either on the ceiling or wall. Plus, you can check the indoor temperature with a built-in indoor temperature sensor!

Easily located top controls make programming a simple and easy step.
Finally a white noise machine that also provides the time for your sensory room. No annoying ticking clock, just the soothing white noise, perfect for your calming sensory space.