Projector Accessory, Magnetic Wheel Adapter

Our Ref #: 9PW6X



This adaptor fits onto any standard Sensory Room Projector Wheel Rotator Post to allow new style magnetic wheels to be used.

Supplied complete, you will need a small mechanical screwdriver to tighten the adaptor attachment screw onto your wheel rotator post.

Most projector wheels are now available in magnetic versions. These wheels have a simple magnetic fitting instead of the conventional push-fit and screw-fit types. They're incredibly easy to use and ideal for sensory environment users who wish to change their effects regularly.

1 Review

Jessica W.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 14/11/23
Hello, I ordered this projector a while ago. There was very limited information that came with the projector and I had not realized when I purchased it that additional parts were needed so that it would turn the wheels. A prompt to buy these at the same time would have been helpful as this equipment purchase was funded and the actual cost once the additional parts were added had to come from my operating budget, which is not allocated for such items.