Therapy Swing Seat, Cotton Hammock Chair

Our Ref #: 2AAHC



A Cozy, soft, hammock chair is one of the tools to help children and adults with Autism find comfort and practice processing and relaxing their senses in full. TFH Special Needs knows that the gentle swing and sway of a hammock is widely regarded as one of the best ways to unwind, relax, and let the stresses of the day disappear! It all starts with your vestibular system.
Think about how: how do you get a baby to fall asleep or calm down? You rock them gently. Think of a hammock as a grown-up version of the same. They soothe and relax our minds with a comforting motion.

Made from organic cotton, ensuring a super soft surface that is easy to clean and always ready for relaxing. The spreader bar is made of bamboo from responsibly managed forests.

The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds

For smooth rotation, we suggest a safety swivel to enable Spinning without twisting the suspension ropes. See our Swivel Spinner

Yes, you can layout or recline in this chair, or cuddle in sideways to provide deep proprioceptive feedback. The perfect mate to any sensory integration and occupational therapy programs. A fabulous addition to any postural strength or motor planning program.

Seating width : 105 cm
Seating length : 140 cm
Total height : 155 cm
Length of the bar : 110 cm
Required minimum height : 200 cm

Price is for One Chair - colour varies as shown (navy, taupe, or teal)


For hygienic reasons, this item is not returnable.