Therapy Swing, Circular Platform

Our Ref #: 8EMCP


This circular therapy swing is made of sturdy Baltic Birchwood and is covered in lightly textured heavy-duty vinyl. 

Accommodates a variety of users and vestibular therapy needs. Great for linear or rotational movement, it features a wood base, multi-point attachments, two (2) safety snaps, and four ropes with birchwood upper bars for standing and pull-up work.  A minimum ceiling height of 8' is required. The shape creates areas of instability increasing the challenge and the requirement for planning.

This swing is great to relax. The comfortable platform swing provides vestibular orientation and balance training while encouraging your child to exercise their bodies and imagination. It’s a great sensory workout for kids looking to build gross motor skills and develop sensory Integration. The round platform provides additional challenge and fun.

Weight Limit: 200 lb.

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Aparna S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/10/17
The circular platform swing is light and versatile. It offers a lot of possibilities in therapy across the ages.