Sensory Room Starter Kit

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Stimulating and Calming for All Ages and Every Ability

A complete Sensory Starter Kit with all the base items for self soothing, sensory stimulation and self-regulation; for people with special or alternative calming needs, attention deficit or sensory processing difficulties.

Sensory rooms help to calm the central nervous system, filter out unwanted sensory stimuli or environment overload and can  easily engage all senses.
Set up your Sensory Room Starter Kit sensory corner in any room with this all-in-one package containing tools for visual, audio and tactile stimulation. Watch mesmerising fish dance within air bubbles and moving scenes projected onto the wall, drape bendable strands of lights around your body for tactile input, and listen to soothing deep vibrational sounds. 

Provides stimulation for sensory seekers and under responders.
Calming effect for individuals with autism or sensory processing disorder.

Starter Kit Basic Details: All products are Active and pre-set: This means that the Bubble column and fibre optic strands are preset to slowly change colour on their own and cannot be colour controlled. The first colour is Magenta, cycling to purple, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and finally reds. Slow and soothing with a gradual fade from colour to colour: the complete cycle of colours takes approximately 85 seconds.

iPad & Interactive Kit Details: The preset bubble column and fibre optic tails work as in the Basic Kit but you now have the ability to interact and choose the colours and combinations of colours. Also, you can "Turn On and Off" the bubbles in the tube (leaving the lights on and decreasing the sensory stimulation). The App allows you to choose different products to be different colours or everything the same colour. The user can control the colours with the MSE Genie App.
watch more about the MSE Genie App here.

Please allow 3 to 7 business days for delivery.

The Starter Kit Basic includes: 

Bubble Tube Bundle: 1 Aquarium LED Bubble Tube – 48", 1 Transformer, 1 Tube Lid, 1 Mirrored Bubble Tube Podium Platform (36"L x 36"W x 16"H)

Projector Bundle: 1 Easy-to-mount Projector w/ transformer, 1 Wheel Rotator, 1 Effects Wheel - Cosmic Flare

Superactive Fiber Optic Bundle: 1 Superactive Lightsource, 1 Wall Lightsource Sconce Enclosure

iPad Controlled Starter Kit includes:

Components of Basic Kit plus: 2 Magic Genie App receivers, 1 for the Bubble Column and 1 for Fibre Optic Tails

Interactive Starter Kit includes:

Components of Basic Kit plus: 2 wireless Colour App receivers, 1 for the Bubble Column and 1 for the Fibre Optic tails, plus a wireless colour control button box with single and mixing colour options. These receivers will also operate with the Genie App recievers.