Ramp Rider Reward

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The Ramp Rider Reward is an innovative and delightful toy designed to captivate and engage children while promoting sensory exploration and cause-and-effect understanding. At the heart of this interactive playset are charming penguin or dalmatian figures that eagerly ascend a staircase tower, only to joyfully ride down a winding slide, eliciting giggles and smiles along the way.
This adapted toy is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate children of all abilities, featuring a switch mechanism that enables easy interaction for those with motor challenges or special needs. By simply activating the switch, children can initiate the delightful sequence of events, empowering them to experience the thrill of cause and effect in a playful and accessible manner.
The Ramp Rider Reward not only provides endless entertainment but also serves as a valuable educational tool, fostering cognitive development as children learn to anticipate and understand the consequences of their actions. With its whimsical design and inclusive features, this toy offers a joyful and enriching play experience for children of diverse abilities, making it a cherished addition to any playroom, therapy session, or classroom.

Requires a switch to operate (not included)
Confirmed compatible with Switch it up! Adaptive Switch product code 3SWIU https://specialneedstoys.com/can/cognition/switch-it-up-adaptive-switch.html

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 12.5" tall
  • Power: 3 x AA (not included)

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