Effects Wheel, Hot Air Balloons

Our Ref #: 9NWBF



Effects wheels provide a quick and versatile way of creating a theme in a room or space with a SNAP or Solar Projector. Whether you require distraction therapy, a de-escalation environment or to be used as part of a learning activity these interchangeable wheels are the answer.

The Balloon Festival Effect Wheel depicts various images of different types of air balloons in a sky background effect.
This colourful, bright, and cheerful wheel is ideal for all ages, and can be used with children for educational purposes or seniors for Reminiscence Therapy.

The wheel is a projection accessory to any of these Sensory Room Projectors: Solar Projector (9NPRS), TFH SNAP Projector (9BRPJ), Aura Projector (9AUPJ), each sold separately on this website. 

A Wheel Rotator is included with the cost of all of our Projectors.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6" dia