Projector Effects Wheel, Space Ritual

Our Ref #: 9NOSR



Let your imagination soar as you blast off into Space with the Space Ritual 6" Effect Wheel. You will pass by the moon, a solar eclipse, space station, and even a milky way or two. A beautiful dark background provides additional room darkening and a soothing atmosphere.

Sensory Room projector wheels provide a quick and versatile way of creating a theme in a calming room or soothing space with a SNAP or Solar Projector. Whether you require distraction therapy, a de-escalation environment or to be used as part of a learning activity these interchangeable wheels are the answer.

The wheel is a projection accessory to any of these Sensory Room Projectors: Solar Projector (9NPRS), TFH SNAP Projector (9BRPJ), Aura Projector (9AUPJ), each sold separately on this website. 

A Wheel Rotator is included with the cost of all of our Projectors.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6"