Little Red Sensory Cart - Basic

OUR REF #: 9PCT1001


A Snappy Lil'Red cart to trolley all your Sensory Products. Compact - 30" tall and 18" wide, easy to find- easy to move and store. Cute, durable, & very versatile...includes a secured SNAP projector and hospital grade power bar. Projector comes standard with wheels: 1 Flowing Liquid wheel, 1 Tropical Fish wheel, and 1 Family Pets wheel.

SNAP projectors are amazing: LED projections (never blow a bulb), magnetic wheels for easy switching of scenery, Speed control, Switch compatible, over 40 wheels to upgrade from. We have included a special rotator so that Little Red can use wheels from other suppliers!
The projector is securely mounted to this mobile cart.

Basic Price includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, and 3 wheels.
Also available in:
Standard Price includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, 3 wheels, 100 Fibre Optic tails, clear (use 9PCT1002 to order)
Deluxe Price Includes: Little Red Cart, SNAP projector, 3 wheels, choice of Interactive Water Bubble Tube or  interactive Whirlwind Air Tube, 100 fibre optic tails - clear (use 9PCT100 or 9PCT100H to order)

You can enjoy the calming effects of the projector anywhere (walls, ceiling, floor, above treatment tables) and it's small enough to store in a closet. Includes a hospital grade power bar and  power cord.