Little Red Sensory Cart - Standard

Our Ref #: 9PCT1002



A Snappy Lil'Red cart to trolley all your Sensory Products. Compact - 30" tall and 18" wide, easy to find- easy to move and store. Cute, durable, & very versatile...includes - a secured SNAP projector and 3 SNAP wheels: 1 Flowing Liquid wheel, 1 Tropical Fish wheel, 1 Family Pets wheel. - and 2M x 100 tails fibre optics with light source, also securely mounted on this handy, extremely portable, mobile Sensory station.
Price includes the cart, SNAP projector, 3 SNAP wheels, and 100 fibre optic tails with the light source.

You can enjoy the calming effects of this mobile Sensory station anywhere (walls, ceiling, floor, above treatment tables) and it's small enough to store in a closet. Also includes a hospital-grade power bar and 12' power cord; and brackets to wrap/ store the fibre optic tails.