Massage Ball Pack

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Introducing our Massage Ball Pack, a delightful assortment of 20 sensory balls curated to stimulate curious minds and provide endless tactile exploration. Each pack comes neatly packed in a convenient drawstring bag, perfect for on-the-go sensory play.
With a variety of textures and sizes, these balls offer a multi-sensory experience, engaging both touch and sight. From smooth surfaces to bumpy textures, every ball is designed to captivate and excite, making it an ideal choice for sensory playtime.

Please note that the balls included in each pack may vary based on availability, ensuring a unique and ever-changing assortment for endless discovery and fun.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, sensory stimulation, or simply looking for a fun and engaging activity, our Massage Ball Pack has something for everyone. Unleash your imagination and dive into a world of sensory exploration today!

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Reviewed on 17/08/17