Interactive Infinity Tunnel Panel

Our Ref #: 9NLIP


With multiple interaction levels to choose from, this Infinity Tunnel of Fibre Optic Light provides diverse sensory entertainment and effects, all controlled by your voice and other noises in the room.

Look into and control a visual tunnel of light with a stunning visual effect that stretches on to what seems like infinity.

This visual sensory tool is completely sound responsive or ambient noise interactive providing reactions you control, from twinkling lights to full illumination. 

A TFH optical illusion gives an impression of infinite depth. The sound-sensitive colours rotate at different speeds depending upon the depth or pitch of the sound.

Sensitivity control and microphone included. Best used as a wall-mounted wall panel and ideal as sensory room equipment.

Excellent for colour recognition, tracking, and communication and sound responsive activities.

Maintenance-free LED technology. Standard stock item and ready to quick ship.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 24" x 8" x 24"
  • Power: Mains.