Infinity Mirror Bubble Wall ~Tall - 60" Tall, Water & Lights

Our Ref #: 9BN150N



The bubbles in this sleek bubble wall are multiply reflected, giving a wonderful feeling of depth.Infinity Bubble Wall is a great way of saving space especially in a sensory room. It is strong and sturdy and only requires 1 quart of water.
The lovely colours are visually stimulating and will hold the users attention for ages.?
The special thing about this Infinity Bubble Wall is that the bubbles are multiply reflected which gives the illusion of depth. You can't go wrong with Infinity Bubble Wall.
Perfect for a multi sensory room!?
Control the bubble speed with the adjustable knob. Add a Colour Controller (9SPSL, sold separately) to allow the user to choose their favorite colours.
This unit is for wall mount only, it will not stand up on it's own. ?Mounting hardware is NOT included.
Maintenance:?Use?only distilled water?to fill.?Add one capful of Bubble Tube Additive (9BCCA) each month to keep water clear. Evaporation of the water is a naturally occurring process. Add distilled water when this occurs.?
Available in 48" (1.2M) or 60" (1.5M)