Genie Sleek Design

Our Ref #: 9RGSR2



 Therapeutic and Learning Benefits:
  • Experience the benefits of both therapeutic and learning environments in one comprehensive kit. Combining sensory elements, interactive features, and educational content creates a holistic experience supporting various developmental goals.
Scalable and Adaptable:
  • The Genie Corner kit is designed to grow with your community's needs. Scale up the sensory corner by adding more devices over time, seamlessly integrating with existing elements to accommodate evolving requirements.
Coordinated Experiences:
  • Easily set up the Genie App, a free download, on your Apple product to work individually or together in coordinated experiences. The devices within the kit are synchronized to create a harmonious multisensory environment, enhancing the overall impact of your sensory corner.

Kit Components:
Genie App Receivers
Genie App (free downloads)
LED Ceiling Line x 9 feet coverage
Genie Fibre Optic Carpet
Genie Bubble Wall