Fibre Optic Strings, 200 Tails - 200 Tails, 80" long

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A set of Clear 200 Fibre Optic tails including our new Sparkle Light Source, are a captivating spray of slowly changing light in a rainbow of soft colours. Our new LED light source for your Fibre Optic tails is quiet, does not get hot and very long lasting (approx 50,000 hours).It is equipped with an On/Off Switch. It now has a wireless receiver built-in which gives you the option to control the colours. Simply purchase a Wireless Controller (9CTBT ) or our Genie Wireless Receiver (9RGRX). Our MSE Genie System uses Bluetooth technology and allows the user independence to control their environment from an iPad or iPhone with a variety of options - All you have to do is download the app from the App Store. Both these items (9CTBT or 9RGRX - not included, purchase separately) allow the user to decide what colour they want the Fiber Optic Tails to be. When the Wireless Controller or Genie is not in use the brightly coloured LED light cycles through 16 colours and gives the popular sparkle effect for use with Fiber Optic Tails. These colourful tails will catch and retain an individual's attention. Strands are meant to be manipulated with fingers, tracked with the eyes, shone through fingers and ears, but not put in mouth. Provides multiple visual stimulation and tracking opportunities. Can also be used for tactile and motor or muscular experiences. Prices shown include: low voltage power source, 200 plastic cables , and the pre-programmed, colour changing Sparkle light source.

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  • Dimensions: 80" long

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Charley W.Verified Buyer.
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Reviewed on 11/09/22
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Amazing. Just stunning in look. Good for those who like to fiddling with things and varry calming. Good for focus. Sensory wize there grate but may not be good for those who don't like light touch or tickled sensation. I plan to Invest in bamboo fibre optics later on as they are good for those whom don't like light touch and tickled sensation. Brilliant for those who like the fiddle with things. They can be good for those who don't like light touches if used mostly on lap as it more waited in one pace. I use the app with the fibre optics to try get them to breath with the lights. One person who had epilepsy had no problems using them. It was particularly helpful for those more hyperly and helped with there focus.