Bubble Popper Dice

Our Ref #: 3ZBPD



The perfect product for anyone who suffers from fidgety hands, boredom, or stressful days! Bubble Popper Dice are the latest trend in fidget toys and will provide you or your kids with hours of fun.

This innovative new popping toy has two fidget components to it; you can push down the bubbles and feel that classic snap of inverting silicone buttons just like all our other popper toys, but the best part is how satisfying it is to squeeze the whole toy in your fist and hear all the bubbles pop back up at once!

Bubble Popper Dice are sized perfectly to fit in your hand, and the soft silicone material provides the toy with smooth surfaces, which are ideal for hand comfort and long term use. 

Price is for one
Colours vary

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 2 inches x 2 inches