Build A Sensory Room - Starter Package

Our Ref #: 9BASR



Build your sensory room in stages with packages designed to be complete and complimentary. Sets are designed with a range of needs in mind so you can buy individual items as needed or whole kits. These Sensory room inspirations are a collection of our most popular and durable products. All packages are designed for calming or stimulation, regardless of how much space you can dedicate to a sensory room, there are always positive benefits. The equipment offered for your sensory room is of excellent value, designed with professional sensory equipment that will stand the test of time.

Designing and Building a Sensory Room can be an exciting adventure. Planning your sensory equipment, ensuring it is suitable for your end-users and has longevity- can all be a daunting task. If you are not sure where to start with your sensory room, Sensory Room Packages will be worth looking into with these multi-sensory room kits, we help you create a dedicated Sensory Space that can complement or enhance your existing Sensory Wall, Calm Down Corner, Fidget Box, Shelf of Sensory, and other Calm Down Tools.

You will need approximately a five-foot square floor space to achieve this look.

Starter Package includes:
Giant 48" Water Bubble Tube
LED Colour changing Mood Cube
Bean Bag Pouffe
Set of 3 Reflections Blankets
Set of small round mirrors
Medium Harkla Hug Boat
Aura Projector with Liquid and Blossom Wheel