Tranquil Turtle - Soothing Musical Projector

Our Ref #: 3CTBT



New from Cloud B and the Tranquil Lagoon Collection is the Tranquil Turtle. A musical night light perfect for a sensory room or bedroom to wind down and relax. Features adjustable brightness, two sound options, Auto Shut Off.
This soothing sensory solution combines the sense of sight and sound in one beautiful soothing turtle!

Tranquil Turtle projects magical, gentle water, light effect and features 2 sound choices: soothing melody or calming white noise to help calm, relax and sometimes, fall asleep.

Adjustable lights: adjust brightness with simple slide control.

Soothing sounds: Tranquil Melody and Ocean Waves.

Auto shut-off after 23 minutes.
3 AA batteries included- to start the sleep tonight!

Choose Aqua, Purple or Soft Green in the comments section if needed.
For hygienic reasons, this item is not returnable.