Resonance Platform


Sitting on this simple pliant platform is popular because it creates a dished surface on which things roll towards you, and any noise it makes rolling toward you resonates through your body. Laying on it and speaking to it "captures" your voice or the sounds you make and rebounds them to you. You can literally "feel yourself speak".

The TFH Vibroacoustic Range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt more easily by the body and less heard by the ear. Vibration is a great way to get the proprioceptive input many sensory seekers crave.   This is a type of sound therapy that involves passing pure low-frequency sine wave vibrations into the body via a device with embedded resonance speakers. This therapy was developed in Norway by Olav Skille in the 1980s. The Food and Drug Administration has approved vibroacoustic therapy for increasing circulation, pain relief, and increasing mobility. Vibroacoustic therapy is being evaluated to treat a number of conditions including fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Vibroacoustic input is proven to induce relaxation, body awareness, soothe tense muscles and allow stretching and strengthening of joints and muscles. The amount of vibration is completely adjustable with the choice of music and the base selection, so you can customize this to suit anyone.

Please note: music will be muffled as this is not a speaker system and primarily for auditory and vibration therapy.

Want to read more? Here is a Study from the University of Toronto


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 6"