Essential Oils Refreshing & Zesty

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Exotic, Rejuvenating and clarifying. Gently brings mind, body, and spirit into balance. Helps ease occasional stress while promoting calm harmony.

Elemi is a tall tropical tree that originates in the Philippines. Its essential oil is created from its light yellow resin, which appears along with the new leaves of the plant. Refreshing and lemony, elemi is quite rare and cherished for its numerous therapeutic qualities, which include rejuvenating the senses.

Lime grows year-round in various warm climes of the world. Its crisp lemon-like scent is drawn from the green rind, which encases its juicy and unmistakably tangy interior. Both the pulp and the peel are widely used in cuisines around the globe, flavoring everything from refreshing drinks (think limeade) to nuanced entrees (Thai food, especially). Lime’s fragrance is clean, clear, and cool, with a slightly sweet note.

Cajeput is native to parts of Australia and Southeast Asia and has white paper-like bark. While its trunk is its most notable feature, cajeput primarily conveys its beneficial properties through its leaves, which are the source of its oil. The clean, subtly fruity fragrance of cajeput is frequently compared to tea tree and eucalyptus, another botanical cousin.

Benzoin Essential Oil has a sweet, rich creamy vanilla-like scent with balsamic undertones, can smell gourmand and indulgent or ceremonial like incense, thanks to its muskier notes. In one word, it’s comforting. It is extracted from a tree that is indigenous to South East Asia.

15 mL bottles. One of each oil.

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  • Dimensions: 15 mL