Ultrasonic LED Aroma Diffuser

Our Ref #: 7RUMD



Ultrasonic diffusion is the preferred way to dispense essential oils into the air. This diffuser uses ultrasound to agitate the oils.  This process creates a fine, cooling mist.  Choose the alternating colour option and watch the soft glowing LED lights cycle through 7 colours.

Control the level of mist with the button: low, medium or high.
This diffuser is quiet, efficient, safe (automatically shuts off when the water level is low), and easy to use.

Auto-off after approx 3 hrs or when water is empty.
Approximately 14 cm high.

Essential Oil Diffuser Key Features:

  • Two mist strengths
  • Intermittent misting option
  • Quiet operation
  • Changing or steady light settings
  • 100-mL capacity

Suitable for 100% natural essential oils - clean the product before changing to a new scent. Oils NOT included.
Styles vary slightly based on availability.