Netted String Swing

Our Ref #: 8TNTS



This vestibular tool is simply a favorite. The soft webbing swing cradles the user with a deep pressure squeeze.
Like a fisherman net, its casts itself around the user, cradling them in a secure space with a lot of air flow.
The Therapy Net Swing is the solution to calming a restless child. This net swing is a great therapy tool that stretches to fit any child or adult. It is designed to be used in a sitting position like a typical swing.
Kids will feel safe and secure while stimulating their vestibular system. Enveloping a child’s whole body as they swing back and forth, the movement stimulates the vestibular system, linear movement and also provides ample proprioception (pressure to the joints) so it is calming and comforting for kids who seek that type of pressure.
Many kids love to relax in the net swing but it is also a good place for them to read a book or do homework with clipboard or hard surface on their lap.
For kids that are apraxic or have other types of speech disorders doing speech therapy exercises while in a net swing can keep them alert and motivated for longer periods of time. It cradles a person so they feel safe and secure and it gives them total body support.

Includes Easy Release Clips.
Weight limit is 180 lbs.


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 78" x 39"