Winter Essential Oils Kit

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Winter is a perfect time to enjoy diffusing and blending essential oils that will help get us into the spirit of the season. The oils included in this kit were selected for their warming, spicy, resinous, or woody aroma.
Winter is often a source for an increase in colds and flus. Many essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so using essential oils to fragrance your holidays and cold witner days instead of synthetic room fragrances can potentially help to ward off the spread of colds and flus. Those selected were based solely on their appropriateness for winter celebrations.

Clearing Clutter: Pine and Cedar
Warming: Peppermint
Calming & Grounding: Nutmeg

For emotional and spiritual applications, Scotch Pine Essential Oil is considered a cleansing and a clearing essential oil, and it can be helpful for clearing the mind of clutter and helping to clear a space of negativity prior to meditation. It is an energizing and uplifting oil that can help combat fatigue and support focus.

Emotionally, Peppermint Essential Oil is stimulating and is a good choice for inclusion in blends intended to help enhance alertness and stamina. Peppermint should be avoided before bedtime.

Aromatically, Nutmeg Essential Oil is a warm, spicy essential oil that is sweet and somewhat woody. It blends beautifully with other essential oils in the spice family. It also blends well with floral, citrus and wood essential oils. It can add a beautiful, distinctive spicy characteristic to otherwise bland blends.

Emotionally, I find Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil to be grounding and calming, and it is said to help combat negativity. Atlas Cedarwood is an oil that I used to reach for at times when I'm faced with chaos or conflict and want a grounding oil for use during meditation or reflecting on the situation.

There may be similar substitutions based on product availability.