MOV Stool

Our Ref #: 3SHMS

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Introducing the MOV Stool Small, the perfect solution to promote movement and activity in educational and collaborative spaces. Designed with the active student in mind, the MOV stool encourages dynamic sitting, allowing students to move naturally while remaining engaged and focused.
Crafted with an attractive and simple design, the MOV stool boasts a wider footprint for enhanced stability and safety, ensuring a fun and productive experience for users of all ages. Its durable yet lightweight polypropylene shell makes it suitable for everyday use, while the standard blue color adds a vibrant touch to any environment.

Available in a 14" seat height, the MOV Stool Small is specifically tailored for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3, providing them with a comfortable and supportive seating option that promotes healthy movement habits.

Join the movement with the MOV Stool Small and revolutionize the way students learn and interact in the classroom and collaborative spaces. 

Contact our office today to discuss color options and elevate your learning environment with the dynamic seating experience of MOV.