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Introducing Koala, the versatile multi-purpose weight-bearing shape designed to inspire endless play and exploration. Crafted with care, Koala is the perfect companion for children to crawl under, climb on top, and spin inside, sparking imagination and adventure.

With a sturdy 8mm thickness, Koala is built to withstand active play, providing a safe and supportive structure for children to engage in various activities.

Whether they're using it as a tunnel to crawl through, a platform to climb on, or a spinning chamber to whirl around inside, Koala offers endless opportunities for fun and physical activity.

With a maximum weight capacity of 50kg, Koala provides a stable foundation for children to safely explore and play, promoting physical development and coordination.

Bring the excitement of active play into any space with Koala. Whether it's in the classroom, daycare, or at home, Koala encourages movement, creativity, and fun for children of all ages.

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  • Warning: Max 50 Kg