Stop & Go Switch



Recognising cause and effect is a cognitive skill which usually starts developing when babies are very young. Children soon learn that actions such as crying can result in outcomes that can include being picked up, rocked, fed etc. Understanding what happens, or what can happen, as a result of an action instigated by themselves plays a key role in learning development and helps children in a number of ways as they get older. 

Pressing the green side turns the device the switch is wired to on, while the red button switches it off. This latching switch can be wired to a wide range of sensory rewards and is suitable for use with our 6" Bubble Columns.

The On & Off switch also provides proprioceptive input for children with sensory processing disorders by teaching that a specific amount of force is needed to achieve the desired result.

This switch works best with our Budget Saver Bubble Tube (9BC120U), Budget Whirlwind Tube(9HC120U), Tabletop Bubble Tube (3BCSST), and Tabletop Whirlwind Tube (3HCSST)

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6" x 1.5" x 4"