Sensory Light Table

Our Ref #: 7SLTB



Enhance learning of development of visual perception of lights and shapes with this illuminated table, a great way to light up your learning environment. This table can be a great visual sensory tool to help explore the impact of different colours and lights. Pair this table with fun educational resources to help incorporate visual stimulation into learning, helping to improve engagement with tasks.

The 6 hour charge gives 10 hours light (approx) inside or out. This strong illuminated shape can be placed almost anywhere providing a softly lit table unit. Water resistant rated IP65. Includes remote control.
Play shapes not included
70 cm x 70 cm x 40 cm
Using the remote control you can choose one of 16 different colours or set to fade smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. Their appearance is mesmeric and the colour spreads evenly throughout the whole shape.


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 70 cm x 40 cm