Liquid Floor Tile - Large - Single Gel Tile

Our Ref #: 6SQPL



A wonderful visual and tactile experience, that really does encourage you to move around and explore the surfaces. They contain flowing colours that swirl around as you move about on them. Simply apply a little pressure to create a dramatic visual effect.  They will withstand jumping on. Can also be used on a table top of any flat surface.  A great table top or floor addition to any sensory room.

Colours available in stock vary - please email us if you require a certain colour. 

A hands-on squishy gel experience! Encourages visual processing and sensory stimulation for all ages. Invite sensory-seeking kids to step, sit or jump on the tiles and watch the colours ooze. Even young children can push the gel around with their hands. Place several on the ground to create a colourful floor mat or walking path. Use with adult supervision.
Supports sensory integration and gross motor skill development.

Engages kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism
Colours vary. Price is for 1 (one) tile only.
50cm x 50cm (20" x 20")

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm (20" x 20")