Gel Maze Pad

Our Ref #: 6SQGM



The Gel Maze Pad offers an engaging sensory experience with its gel-filled design, allowing users to guide a marble through a maze pattern. This activity not only provides tactile and visual stimulation but also introduces linear geometry concepts.

Key Features:
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Improves finger strength and dexterity
  • Provides weighted proprioceptive sensory input
  • Encourages manipulation for tactile and visual stimulation

The gel inside the pad is green, contrasted against a white pad surface. Its clear design and size make it compatible with Light Tables, enhancing its versatility.

The vinyl cover is easy to clean with disinfectants for hygienic use. While the gel is nontoxic, any tears in the vinyl should prompt immediate disposal. Both gel and vinyl are phthalate compliant but should not be chewed or ingested. Always use under adult supervision and as directed.

Suitable for all ages, this 14" x 14" Gel Maze Pad offers a blend of educational value and interactive fun, making it an ideal choice for sensory exploration and skill development.