Small Square Platform Swing

Our Ref #: 8EMPLS



Square Padded Platform Base provides therapists with the ability to create a range of tilting movements. Designed to be used with clients in a variety of positions from prone to standing. The platform is covered in durable textured vinyl.

The platform, made of solid Baltic Birch wood base with a smooth edge for safety, comes with a hanging disk to keep the swing moving uniformly. The textured vinyl cover square platform helps to keep clients in place on the swing. Equipped with one (1) safety snap for a single point of attachment. 

Padded Surround and Padded Platform: Provides the security that some children need while still allowing challenge to the vestibular system, often useful in the early stages of sensory integration.

Platform Dimensions: 30" x 30",  200 lbs. maximum weight.

Includes a Swivel Spinner


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 30" x 30" , 200 lbs max.