Introduction To Sensory Principles and Applications

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World-renowned Snoezelen-MSE co-developer Ad Verheul guided a workshop at the TFH Canada Sensory Solutions Training 2020 at Mohawk College on March 9, 10, 11 in Hamilton, Ontario. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! 3 Workshop Days presented by The Quality of Life Institute with Certificate of Attendance issued by International Snoezelen Associate of Multi Sensory Environments (ISNA-MSE) and TFH Sensory Solutions TFH Canada is providing Sensory Solutions Workshops at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. The focus this year will be Improving Quality of Life with Sensory Environments, Interactive training in cumulative fundamentals of multi-sensory environments, for quality of life enrichment and self-regulation. Speakers and workshop presenters were: Maurits Eijgendaal, President of International Snoezelen-MSE Association (ISNA- MSE); Ad Verheul, co-founder of Snoezelen-MSE therapy, senior Snoezelen-MSE advisor at Hartenberg Centre in the Netherlands; Dr. Anthony M. McCrovitz, Executive Director, Quality of Life Institute, Inc., Board Member of ISNA-MSE, President, Indiana Professional Counseling Association (IPCF). Day 1 Explored: The 8 favourable factors of Snoezelen-MSE, the standard concepts of sensory application & environmental design, the methods for quality of life enrichment and relationship building. Assessing individuals we serve. Discovering sensory and neurological processing Day 2 Explored : The Framework of Gentle Teaching, assessment & goals of sensory applications. The use of colour, patterns, lighting, sound in relation to the diagnosis of dementia & autism. The effects of equipment on breath work/self-regulation, equipment & tools ideas. Day 3 Explored: Building bridges through relationship planning, community sensory environments & mindfulness. Use of colour, patterns, lighting, & sound. Discussing dementia & autism as sensory based diagnosis and the effects of equipment on breath work/self-regulation. How to develop Assessment Tools.