Relax & Recline: Large - Senior

Our Ref #: 8RORX



This popular reclining shape distributes your weight evenly, reduces spinal load, helps to open hips and relieves normal pressure on the spine, and allows for better blood circulation to the lower back. Reclining removes pressure on your spine and allows your core muscles to relax. This gives these overworked (often used the most) muscles a chance to recover. Additionally, gravity does the work in this chair, keeping your chest and shoulders open and your neck and chin upright. Elevating your feet lets gravity send blood to the muscles and tendons of your lower back. Reclined seating is highly beneficial to people of all ages, as it takes most of the pressure away from the spine, preventing permanent back issues from occurring.
Foam shortages are continuing to hamper the industry; please allow up to 3 - 4 months for delivery.

It is an ideal contour for older children (teens) and adults. Made in Canada.
Junior Size: 41" long x  20" Wide x 22" High at the back
Senior Size: 47" long x 25" wide x 29" High at the back

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 25" W x 47" L x 29" High at the back