Weighted Lap / Scarf

Our Ref #: 9WBSF


 Weighs 3.3 pounds If you child exhibits restlessness, excessive energy and has a hard time concentrating on tasks, a weighted scarf is what you need. Designed especially for children with sensory processing disorders, weighted products such as scarves can help cope better with a wide range of problems such as hyperactivity, sleeplessness and poor motor skills. The pressure of the weights helps to calm down children with sensory processing disorders by changing how they process sensory information and by allowing them to feel their movements and understand where their bodies are in space.   Blue cover not included - a fantastic Mom made it for her sister! Weighted products can be a great sensory tool during circle time, naptime, before, during or after transitions. Simply, put: weighted products provide anytime calming. Choosing the appropriate weight is key as the weight provides increased pressure and stimulates proprioceptive input and stability, helping to organize the users sensory system.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 32" x 8"