Weighted Lap Pad, Size Choices

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Calm the wiggles and fidgets with a serene lap pad. 
Many people use it to reduce anxiety, muscle pains, or jumpy legs. Its proprioceptive qualities in a school setting may assist with longer attention or work lengths.

Provide proprioceptive feedback and a sense of stability to your children! Made from soft, comfortable, and non-flammable vinyl!

The product is wipeable.

A weighted vinyl lap pad is a specialized sensory tool crafted from durable vinyl material, designed to provide deep touch pressure stimulation. The vinyl casing encases small beads, distributing weight evenly throughout the pad. These lap pads are meticulously engineered to offer gentle pressure, similar to a comforting embrace or snug blanket, promoting relaxation and a sense of security.
Available in three sizes, the small variant weighs 3 pounds, the medium 5 pounds, and the large 7.5 pounds, offering flexibility to accommodate various body sizes and preferences. Each size is thoughtfully calibrated to ensure optimal effectiveness while maintaining comfort.
Ideal for individuals with sensory processing challenges, anxiety, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorders, these lap pads serve as invaluable tools in promoting focus, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. Whether utilized in educational settings, therapy sessions, or at home, these weighted vinyl lap pads provide a portable and versatile solution for calming sensory input.

Medium size shown

Weight and Dimension Options

Small - 3lbs   (13" x 8")

Medium - 5lbs   (18" x 9")

Large - 7.5lbs    (23" x 11")